FAQs: WordPress Malware Removal

Why should I register?

Registration is required to fetch definition updates. It also helps keep away spam.

What to do if I have issues with the plugin?

Please file a support request here.

How to reach you for help?

Please file a support request here.

I need someone to fix my site. What do I do?

Please file a support request here.

How did I get hacked in the first place?

This can happen due to several reasons, old software, plugins, mis-configured server, poor security practices. And this varies case-by-case.

What can I do to prevent it from happening again?

10 Steps to Remove Malware from Your WordPress Site

How do I verify that my site is clean?

Run it through WP Malware Scanner. Inspect the source code of the webpage, files in the root directory, hidden files, rogue plugins, shell scripts.

How do I submit my site to Google for reconsideration?

  • If you don’t use Google Search Console, you’ll need to register and verify your site in Google’s Search Console.
  • Sign in to Search Console and go to “Security & Manual Actions” →  “Security Issues” section.
  • Go ahead and “Request a review”. Once Google verifies that your site is clean and isn’t infected anymore, they’ll remove the “This site may be hacked” message.
  • If you’ve purchased my WP Malware Removal Service then I’ll help you with this for free.