Refund Policy

Please note that by purchasing any service on our site, you agree to the terms of the Refund Policy.

  1. 100% guaranteed clean-up or your money back
  2. 15 days free support: The infected websites are susceptible to infection even after a thorough clean-up. The good news is our WP Malware Removal service comes with 15 days free support. This means that within 30 days if your website is again infected our WordPress malware protection team will clean-up your site again without any additional cost.
  3. Refunds take a minimum time of 7 days from the time a written request for the same is filed. This duration is for us to be on the safer side just in case there’s any issue with payment service provider or if there are any developments which change your requirements.
  4. We firmly believe in and stand behind our service 100%. However, we understand that it cannot work perfectly for everyone all of the time. If we are unable to fix your issue that is repair and not custom development, and have given up, a full refund will be issued. However if you decide to cancel your support request before we have an opportunity to work on it and determine we can not fix it or you are unable to provide the access we need, there will be only a refund of 50% what was paid to us. The reason for this is that we do have operating costs that are incurred when a service is purchased and submitted and in many cases the agent has already completed a portion of the work. The other option is to have your full refund returned in store credit that does not expire.
    * Refunds do not apply to special offers, ticket credit and monthly or yearly plan purchases.