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WordPress Malware Removal Service

  • Quick start — we start right away
  • Detailed scan of all website files
  • In-depth scanning of WordPress database for malware
  • Removal of all infected as well as suspicious files
  • Complete cleanup report
  • 100% guaranteed clean-up or your money back

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33700+ websites cleaned
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28500+ blacklist removal
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Our WP Malware Removal Service Includes:

Detailed Scan of all Website Files

Our security specialist will scan WordPress for malware detection using professional tools. This scan will help us in discovering and identifying the infected files. Once we have identified the malicious files, we will remove these files and share them with you for your reference.

Database Optimization & Cleanup

All the data of a WordPress website is stored in a database. After scanning the WordPress files, we closely examine the database and scan WordPress database for malware & malicious code injections. Our security specialist will clean the database, repair corrupt tables and optimize the database to ensure the safety of your website.

Htaccess & WP-Config clean up

Htaccess and WP-config are sensitive data files. These files include the critical website data and are prone to backdoor attack. Our security specialist will carefully audit these two files. The next step is to manually cleaning them to fix malware infected website.

Full site security audit

After we remove malware from WordPress site, a dedicated security analyst will perform a full website security audit to identify the security loopholes. We will review WordPress front-end, back-end, source code, file system, themes, plugins, updates, configurations and settings to discover the source of attack.

Security Enhancements

After analyzing the security gaps, our security expert will take the necessary steps to safeguard your site against future attacks. We will install & configure tried and tested security plugins to make your site bulletproof to keep the malwares and site attacks at bay.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

The websites with an admin panel experience malicious login attempts. The hackers try out various password combinations to enter the site and each of these attempts slow down the things. Our security specialist will employ techniques like blacklisting IPs, limit login attempts, change login URL, set-up captcha, etc to make sure your site is safeguarded against such attacks.

Remove Blacklist Warnings

If your website is blacklisted, it means it loses nearly 95% of organic traffic. This is a serious risk to your business and brand and needs to be handled professionally. Our security specialist will take all the necessary steps required to remove all the blacklist warnings as quickly as possible.

In-depth Cleanup Report

It is important for you to know the security gaps and what exactly we did to clean up your site. Our security specialist will communicate with you throughout the process and will keep you informed about the progress. At the end, we will provide you a detailed report which includes all the steps taken to remove malware from your WordPress site. We will also include the security measures taken to safeguard your site.

30 days free support

The infected websites are susceptible to infection even after a thorough clean-up. The good news is our WP Malware Removal service comes with 30 days free support. This means that within 30 days if your website is again infected our WordPress malware protection team will clean-up your site again without any additional cost.

How WordPress Malware Removal Service Works

Place the order

Contact us today to place the order. You will be requested a one-time payment of $59 for website malware removal.

Submit the details

After the payment is completed, we will request you to provide website details via email, so as to make sure your information is safe and secure.

Clean-up Begins

Our security expert will jump right into the action & fix your malware infected website as soon as the website details are submitted.

Website Malware Removal

Get your malware infected website recovered FAST!!

Guaranteed malware removal and restoration of your infected WordPress website in 24 hours.

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Client Reviews for WordPress Malware Removal Service

Daniel Lewis

A friend recommended WPMR to me to recover my site after I received a manual action from Google. It said that my site was infected. I submitted my case to WPMR and Samantha did a great job. She took over the charge in less than two minutes, and 30 minutes later, my site was restored. Later, she submitted a re-index request to Google to clear the blacklist warning. She also installed and configured security plugins to harden my WordPress set-up. A big thanks to WPMR team. These folks truly are the malware experts.

Lauren Hein

I am a WordPress designer and one of my clients came to me asking for help. She noticed a strange behavior on her site. The site was loading very slowly and there was a lot of weird code on some of the pages. I looked into the issue and immediately contacted WPMR for help. Samantha quickly responded and within 20 min the problem was solved. She cleaned the WP files and database and communicated the root cause of the issue. Very much appreciated and recommended as a B2B service provider.

Mary Jacob

Through an online search, I found WPMR when my site was hacked and had nowhere to turn. Not only did they fix it an hour, but they helped me with making my site more secure. So when my friend’s website was infected, I knew they are the best people for the job. Their team is incredibly tech savvy, easy to work with and very responsive to questions and changes. I will continue to recommend WPMR!

Emily Jones

WP Malware Removal had my site back up and running in less than an hour. It was worth the money spent on recovering my site. Not only this. They went a step further and sent me a detailed report and guided me to protect my site for future. Thank you so much!

Andrea Williams

I was totally stumped to see my home page defaced. Thanks to Samantha for quickly jumping into the action and fixing my site in an amazingly short time! The best thing is that she promptly communicated with me at each level and also helped me in making my site safe and secure. Thank you!

Johnathan McIntyr

I got a notification that my website has been infected with malware. The scan detected the malware but did not block it. I had no idea how this happened. Samantha from WPMR team got in touch with me and within an hr she restored the site perfectly. Thank you very much for your time and effort. Highly recommended!!

WordPress Infection Removal Service — $59 per site

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Our website malware removal service removes malware, restores hacked websites and adds extra security layer to make sure your site never gets hacked again.

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